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Five Day Intensive Foundation Boot Camp in Spain

This foundation bootcamp is perfect for those with no previous combatives experience wishing to get a comprehensive introduction to the system.


Krav Maga Combatives started our intensive boot camps in Spain in February 2009 to satisfy requests from some of our U.K based students who wanted to immerse themselves in Krav Maga without the distractions of work.


To put the intensive foundation boot camp in perspective, if a student of Krav Maga were to attend 1-2 clsses per week as part of their normal routine, they would spend approximately 50-100 hours per year training defnsive tactics against interpersonal violence.

It is also easy to comprehend that there would be substantial breaks between these regular sessions of anything between 3-7 days where the Krav Maga student is going about their daily routine of work, family time, rest e.t.c.

With the intensive foundation bootcamp the Krav Maga student is exposed to Krav Maga training for 6-7 hours per day for 5 days, totalling approximately 30 hours of training - the same amount of hours a student would almost cover in six months, taking one class per week.


Also, there are fantastic benefits of being exposed to this intensive style of training and not having the "life breaks" that regular training affords.

The most evident benefit is that by being exposed to this constant "stress" that the body begins to adapt quickly, this is known as "stress inoculation".

What we have found is that candidates who attend our intensive boot camp have a far higher retention rate than those who attend weekly classes.

Krav Maga Combatives Intensive Foundation Boot camp takes place on Spain's Costa Brava, approximately 125KM from Barcelona and 15KM from the French Border.

This is a truely beautiful part of the world where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean.

The training takes place on one of the many local beaches, on the sand or the paved areas adjacent. This provides a vital touch of realism to combatives training; in a real episode of interpersonal violence you will not have the luxury of 40mm judo mats or the smooth training surface common to the gym or dojo.


A typical day begins at 07.00 hrs with a road run along the scenic coast followed by our now "infamous" combat conditioning circuits on the beach - these are grueling, functional fitness workouts that will push you to your limits!


Allowing participants to get their breath back, we begin with striking chain drills on the thai pads, focus mits and kick shields, teaching students how to utilise full bodyweight when striking an assailant and build up an arsenal of effective combinations.


We also include many aggression and stress drills that push your cardio and simulate the combat stress (adrenaline response) experienced during a violent encounter. Pictured left, two students square up in a three minute bout of milling, where they are not allowed to defend, only attack one another, forcing parcipitants to show grit and determination in face of sustained agression.

After a healthy lunch of local organic produce, we continue with escape combatives or techniques for defending against common attacks, such as grabs, holds, headlocks, chokes, defence against punches, kicks, knees and elbows are also drilled with the emphasis being place on turning the defence to an offence as quickly as possible. Drills against multiple attackers two, three or more, where some are armed are also undertaken.

Krav Maga boot camp pad drill

Defence against armed assailants is also covered and is an integral part of our system.

Weapons covered include:



•Knives/edged weapons









This is an ideal location for a week of combative training due to the year round mild climate and although it sometimes rains, the weather normally allows us to train outside from early morning until nightfall.

Warrior Mindset

Few krav maga or combatives groups cover this. In Krav Maga Combatives it is important as any physical technique that we teach - understanding the combative or warrior mindset, it is an aspect of training and preperation that we take extremley serious.


During the Boot Camp there is a three hour presentation that consists of:

• Studies of real attacks (videos of violent assaults, stabbings e.t.c)

•Situational awareness presentation

•Understanding the dynamics and levels of violence

• Understanding the stress response reaction (adrenaline response)

•The O.O.D.A loop and its relevance to combatives.


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Bootcamp cost is £749 

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