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Six Day Intensive Advanced Boot Camp in Spain

This Boot Camp is suitable for those who have previously attended a foundation Boot Camp and/or have at least three years checkable background in martial arts or combat sports.

The location is the same as our foundation boot camp (Llanca, Girona, Spain).

This is an ideal location for a week of combative training due to the year round mild climate and although it sometimes rains, the weather normally allows us to train outside from early morning until nightfall and beyond

The advanced Boot Camp will delve deeper into combatives with an empahsis on developing split second reactions (minimizing the freeze), adrenaline management and accessing that combative aggressive, survival mindset.

In-fighting, the zone where many fights end up (the clinch), physical management, takedowns and throws, escapes from common ground fighting submissions and defence against multiple attackers are amongst the topics we will cover.

We will incorporate functional fitness bodyweight circuits daily along with our staple cardio warm up.

These components coupled with extensive striking chain drills heavily influenced by western boxing and Dutch Thai boxing along with daily live sparring will ensure a full on and deeply informative boot camp.

Bootcamp cost is £849

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£349  deposit required to secure a place