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Krav Maga Combatives Mission


Our mission is to deliver no-nonsense, up-to-date and effective self protectiontraining in a structured and professional manner.


You will not come to our training and see what we can do, you will come along and learn what you can do. We aim to develop your strengths, teach you to overcome your weaknesses with physical skills and mental conditioning.

About Us

krav maga Brandon Clifford

Head Instructor/Founder of Krav Maga Combatives- Brandon Clifford

Brandon Clifford, Head instructor and founder of Krav Maga Combatives has over 30 years experience in fighting arts. Beginning with Tae Kwon Do at 8 years old and moving on to, in order, Shotokan Karate, Aki no jitsu, Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Ninjitsu, Brazilian ju jitsu, Muay Thai, Submission wrestling and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Brandon is one of the few Krav Maga coaches outside of Israel that has had a career that involves the application of defensive tactics on an almost daily basis.

Having a long career in the protective industries put these fighting styles to the test, Brandon began working as a doorman or "bouncer" at 17 years old, and soon found out that many traditional styles have little use in a streetfight.


This career choice along with a stint as a riot squad prison officer and a fifteen year career as a professional bodyguard shaped Krav Maga Combatives into what it is today - a pressure tested real world fighting system.


Brandon also runs a Close protection Operations training company, Intelligent Security Training with training facilities throughout Europe, providing bespoke executive protection training to British S.I.A standards and beyond for ex-military and civilians

Andrew Janson   -  Senior Instructor - Regional Director (U.K)

Andrew Janson Krav Maga

Andrew Janson Instructing women's self defense

in Mumbai, India

Andrew Janson received his instructor qualification in Krav Maga Combatives in 2010. He also has over 4 years of Jiujitsu experience, and is a senior instructor in Rapid Arnis, which he has studied since 2004.


He is trained to a high level in edged weapons, impact weapons, firearms, and empty-hand combat, and has taught civilians, military, law enforcement, and private security personnel around the globe.


After completing his close protection course in 2010, Andy enjoyed great success as a bodyguard on the executive protection circuit, and later on as an operations manager and security advisor.


He is currently based in London, and works all over the world as a combatives instructor and security consultant - primarily in Europe and Asia.