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Welcome to Krav Maga Combatives. We are an organisation founded with the mission of delivering no-nonsense realistic self protection training


We do this through physically and mentally intensive training designed to prepare the student, no matter his/her previous ability, for sudden, vicious attacks occurring at close range by one or more assailants who may be armed or unarmed.


Taking great pride in exploring and teaching our students the academic understanding to build a foundation upon which their physical skills can be developed using simple empty hand techniques and onwards towards countering knives, blunt weapons and other improvised weapons which may be used against them or even used against an attacker.


Students will learn how to strike assailants using all of their body weight. How to change the dominance in a confrontation from a defence to an offence, how to inflict pain, to open space and exploit that space. Although the techniques we teach are extremely damaging, they do adhere to the use of force continuum, the student will always be advised to choose how much damage is delivered and when to stop.

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Widely recognised as being one of the most effective fighting systems in the world, Krav Maga is an Israeli Combatives system developed in the Israeli Defence forces. Krav Maga has spread like wildfire throughout the world and is used by many  Police departments, SWAT teams and Special Forces Units in multiple countries.

Krav Maga's beauty is it simplicity! Not strictly a martial art but more of a fighting system that focuses on modern problems such as edged weapon attacks, firearms threats as well as punches, kicks, grabs, chokes and holds.


There are no complicated forms or kata, no pomp and no cermony. Krav Maga is in essence, the combat system of the 21st century.